English alphabet

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(c)  =word with consonant sound
(v)  = word with vowel sound
A(v)  anapple, (v) an angel
B(c)  a banana
C(c)  a cat, (c) a ceiling, (c) a cherry
D(c)  a dog
E(v)  an elephant, (v) an ear
F(c)  a fork
G(c)  a goat, (c) a giraffe
H(c)  a horse, (v) an hour
I(v)  an igloo, (v) an ice-cream
J(c)  a jumper
K(c)  a kangaroo
L(c)  a lion
M(c)  a motor
N(c)  a nose
O(v)  an orange, (v) an ocean
P(c)  apencil
Q(c)  aquiz
R(c)  aruler
S(c)  asweatshirt, (c) a shoe
T(c)  ataxi, (c) a thumb
U(v)  anumbrella, (c) a unicorn
V(c)  aviolin
W(c)  awindow, (c) a whistle
X(c)  x[kiss], (c) a xylophone, (v) an X-factor
Y(c)  ayak
Z(c)  azoo

a/ an The indefinite articles in English: 'a' or 'an'

Using "a" or "an" depends on the first SOUND in the word.
- if the first SOUND is a consonant, use "a", e.g. a banana.
- if the first SOUND is a vowel, use "an", e.g. an apple.

Note that the grammar follows the first SOUND.
e.g. a man - an old man...an apple - a red apple.

In Denmark, vowels can be red letters, consonants are blue letters.
a - e - i - o are marked in this table as red vowel letters.
Some letters are tricky: "h", "u" and "y" are coloured purple in the table. LISTEN: vowel or consonant sound?
- an umbrella ("u" with a vowel sound), but a unicorn ("u" with a consonant sound).
- an hour ("u" with a vowel sound), but a horse ("u" with a consonant sound).
- "y" has a consonant sound at the start of a word, unlike Danish. e.g. a yellow coat ("y" with a consonant sound). At the end of a word, "y" has a vowel sound, e.g. "happy".

Also note the SOUND when you say the letters individually:
Open vowel sound: A, E, F, H, I, L, M, N, O, R, S and X
Closed consonant sound: B, C, D, G, J, K, P, Q, T, U, V, W, Y and Z
- "a V", "a vase" (both start with consonant sounds).
- "an F", but "a free turn" (vowel sound/ consonant sound).

- Hear examples of letters and words.
- Pronounce punctuation marks.

- Hear the whole English alphabet.
- Sing along to the Alphabet Song.

- Vowel or consonant? See "a/ an"

- Random "New letter" generator.
1. Press "New letter".
2. Look in the yellow box.
3. Say the letter.
4. Find a word beginning with the letter.
5. Is the start SOUND a vowel or a consonant?